How a Beard Brush is Made: Harvesting and Preparing Pearwood - Part 1 of 5

Most of our brushes are made with pearwood handles. We chose pearwood because of the grain and fibers in the wood which are extremely fine. This makes the handles smooth without needing to lacquer them.

We try to avoid lacquer not only because of the chemicals that can be avoided but also because lacquer creates static when brushed against hair and beard.

The pearwood is harvested from Austria where it is grown in sustainable forests. All the wood we use is FSC certified. What that means is that it is grown in forests that managed responsibly and every tree cut is replanted. All FSC certificates are issued by independent inspectors who verify that the forest is being managed properly.

Pearwood arrives and is put to dry

Storing pearwood for beard brushes - Zilberhar.jpg

The wood arrives on large pallets from the timber mill. Once it arrives it is measured for humidity content and stored under roofs. If the weather is warm it dries naturally and relatively fast. The reason there are no walls on the structures is to facilitate air flow which helps remove humidity.

In winter and when it rains a lot the wood needs might not dry fast enough just under the roof. In those cases the wood is moved to a drying tank. The structure is heated by recycling the air that is used to cool the machines in the factory - that air is channeled to the drying tank in order to speed up the drying process.

But accelerating the drying process also brings some challenges since the wood can warp so it needs to be managed carefully.

Once it is dry, it is cut

Cutting wood for beard brushes - Zilberhaar.jpg

The circular saw runs pretty much all day. With a pneumatic lift, the operator can lift the large blocks of wood and cut them to the right thickness.

The first part cuts the wood into large strips, which are then planed top and bottom.

Wood blocks are ready for routing

Wood blocks for beard brushes - zilberhaar.jpg

The wood which is now in strips and planed (smoother than what the saw provides). Are now ready to go through the next machine which turns them into blocks.

This is the last step in preparing the wood before it goes to the handle making line.

Getting the wood ready and right is one of the most important steps to getting precise and durable beard brush handles.

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The ZilberHaar Way to Grow an Epic Beard

Ah beards … Love them or hate them, you have to admire the wearers. When a man decides to grow a beard, he’s making a commitment not to trim or shave his facial hair for at least 6 weeks. There’ll be ups and downs, moments that he’ll want to give in to the call of the razor, but if he manages to resist, the result will be a beard of epic beardliness.

Here at Zilberhaar, our beard brushes make beards the best they can be. It’s in our interests for every man on the planet to grow the beard he was meant to grow. More beards on the planet = the need for more ZilberHaar beard brushes. See what we mean?

So, how can you grow your own epic beard? Join us as we take you on a journey from the starter stubble, right through to your epicly styled full beard.

The Stubble Stage

To grow an epic beard, a man has to start with a solid stubble. He may look great, but he’s in for two weeks of nurturing that stubble with all his might, ignoring the itchiness and the complaints from his partner about stubble burn every time they kiss. The only thing you can do at the stubble stage is to apply a beard oil to reduce itchiness and give your burgeoning beard the best start in life. Get ready as you approach the end of week two, because you are about to enter the Bearded Wilderness.

Into the Wilderness

Did you enjoy the feeling of cool that only a stubble can give you? Well, hang on to that feeling because you have now entered the wilderness. Imagine how you would feel and look after 4 weeks of wandering lost and alone in the woods. That’s your beard for the next four weeks or so. Your beard will probably look awful and you’ll be so tempted to shave it off. Resist that temptation, because if you can make it to six weeks of beard growth, you’ll be on the home straight to the epic beard of your dreams. People will probably make fun of you, you’ll hate the unevenness of your facial hair, but take heart … all epic beards went through what yours is going through right now.

Help your beard in this growing pains period by using a soft beard brush to exfoliate your skin and make your beard look and feel a little bit better. Don’t expect miracles at this stage, but do expect that the more you care for your growing beard, the better it will be when it matures in just a few short weeks. Remember - Do not trim your beard under any circumstances!

Old enough to …

You’ve made it! Your beard is probably 6 to 8 weeks old by now and it’s starting to get serious about being a beard. Can you see the epic beard at the end of the tunnel? We can. Now, you still have a way to go, but your facial hair is about to come of age and should have started to look like a beard by now.

Your job now is to really up the attention you pay to your beard. Brushing your beard every day is so important, because it not only softens and styles your facial hair, brushing also exfoliates your skin too. None of us like ingrowing hairs, so exfoliating is definitely something you’ll want to do. If your hair needs a stronger brush, upgrade to ZilberHaar’s classic 100% boar bristle beard brush. You can even start using beard balms at this stage, or just continue with your favorite beard oil. You can trim your beard at this stage if you wish, but don’t overdo it. This stage will last for at least a month, but we’re sure you can feel what’s coming next for your beard ...

The home straight

Well done! You made a commitment to help your facial hair fulfill its destiny and now it is definitely well on it’s way. After 3 months plus of growing, your beard is a beard that other men look at and wonder how you managed to resist the call of the razor. Make sure you continue to look after your beard, brushing and applying balm every day. You will also see great results from trimming now, so if you feel the time is right, trim your beard into the style you’ve always wanted.

So, what’s next? Well, the longer you leave your beard, the more epic it will grow. Over the next 3 to 6 months and beyond, you’ll need to learn to take your beard into account when you are eating for example. A lot of men keep their beard trimmed at this stage, but if you truly want a beard of epic proportion, let it keep growing. Epic beard need epic care, so before you grow one, make sure you have time to look after it. We’ve seen so many beards abandoned and wouldn’t want yours to suffer the same fate!

About us

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Making a ZilberHaar Beard Brush

The art of crafting a great beard brush is one mastered by a few. As producers of one of the best beard brushes we pride ourselves in working with the some of the best brushmakers in the world.

We thought we’d share a bit about how a great beard brush is made.

Crafted in the Black Forest of Germany, this is important for the quality of the wood, the pear-wood we use is all from renewable sources and being in the forest (literally) the transport of the lumber doesn’t cost mother nature as much.

The wood comes in in large blocks where it is verified for quality and grain.

It then gets cut into smaller units that can be machined into handles for the brush.

Once it is cut intro handles it goes through a long sanding process where the handles are tumbled to remove any rough edges. After the machine tumbling is done, each brush is hand sanded to ensure everything was taken care of.

The brush handles are then oiled for protection and for feel. We specifically don’t lacquer our brush handled as the natural wood is much nicer on the touch plus for people with longer beards, it doesn’t generate as much static electricity.

The boar bristles arrive in bundles and are tested for quality and authenticity.

They are then plugged into the wooden handle and tested again. Over time it is quite normal for individual bristles to fall out, but if an entire plug falls out that would be a reason to return the brush.

Afterwards they are printed or engraved, then packaged and shipped.

Our packaging has a fine coating to protect the brush from humidity and keep the oiled wood contained.

A few things to note, the brush bristles are intentionally irregular, they are never cut after they’ve been plugged to keep the irregular bristles which allows them to get through the beard and exfoliate the skin beneath them.

A good beard brush well kept, should outlast even the oldest beards.

To take care of your brush, wash it under lukewarm water with a mild handsoap and immediately let it dry - bristles down. Visit our Care page for more on that. 

It’s good idea to oil it with your beard oil when it’s dry to keep the wood from drying out. Oil it with your beard oil, but always when it is fully dry.

Beard on!

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